You say you’re 60% less sugar than market competitors, how much sugar is there in Doladira?

80 grams of sugar per litre.

Is there real fruit in Doladira?

There is! Unlike any other aperitivo, Doladira uses fresh fruit and vegetables. The three key players: Rhubarb. In cooking, we often think of rhubarb as a fruit but it’s a vegetable! Doladira uses the fresh STALK of rhubarb NOT the root. The process includes macerating rhubarb stalk for 5 months and infusing it with other fresh botanicals. The base of Doladira is rhubarb. Two other players: plum and black carrot. Plum provides a natural sweetness and the black carrot well, it uniforms the color of our liquid, naturelmente.

Is Doladira gluten-free?

Yes, it is!

What is the distillate?

The base alcohol is beet alcohol.

Is Doladira an Italian product or a French product?

The ingredients in Doladira are mainly Italian, however, it is produced in Burgundy, France.

Are you of legal drinking age?